Sales Optimization through Conversion

Just a small increase in your “conversion rate” can bring a flow of business.

People are online –¬†looking for something.

If they get to your website – give them something!

Give them answers, or solutions, or savings. Video. Discounts. People expect some kind of gratuity for visiting your website. And if you can give them some kind of ‘instant gratification’ – no matter how small – you’ll go along way to getting return visits, more traffic, customer retention, and more business!!

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It is not enough to ask them to contact you, you need a bold and valuable reason for them to contact you. You must reward the person, give them some value for simply taking the chance to visit your business website.

Corzak will consult with you on

  • WHO are your clients?
  • WHY do they need your help?
  • WHERE are they looking?
  • HOW are they finding you?
  • WHAT will bring them aboard?

Every business is different, and every visitor is different. We’ll discuss who your best customers are, and what they want, what they need, and what they expect. And how to convert them to long-time customers.
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