Get Found on Google

The best way to get long-term business from your internet presence is to consistently appear in Google’s “organic listings.”

These are the results most people click on. This is where you have the best chance to show up in front of customers that are specifically looking for your services.

SEO get found online

You want to show up in “Organic Listings”
when people search for the services and products that you provide.

Not only will you get loads of “ready to buy” traffic from a search engine, but your business gets an extra level of credibility and trust from the customer’s perception of your expertise.


Unlike “pay-per-click”, there is no quick and easy way to get your website and your business to show up higher in the “organic listings”. It takes time and patience. But it’s not complicated. It consists of two parts:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This we do for you. It is a number of things we do to make sure your website is “playing by the rules of the internet”. We communicate with Google. We tell Google and the internet that you are a reputable business, honestly marketing the services that you actually provide. We setup tracking tools and bug detection features. We make sure your business contact information is accurate and consistent. Much of this is a one-time service, followed by periodic ‘tweaks’ and updates.
  2. Content Marketing. This is not technically difficult. But it is hard to do! This –  essentially – is a constant communication back-and-forth with the internet, telling everyone what it is you do, what it is you offer, how you can help them; how happy your customers are. It’s like going door-to-door handing out your business cards and telling people about yourself. Except you’re doing it online. And unlike SEO – it never ends!

Overall, we want to enhance your website’s position online, for particular keywords and phrases. The higher you show up for a particular word or phrase, the more visitors your site will receive. Of course, the keywords and phrases MUST be ones that people are actually using . . . to find you!

SEO is the art of finding the people who want your services, but don’t know your name!

Some of the many other things we can do to help get you found online include targeting text content; article and blog writing ; social media community building; video production and distribution; setup and manage your testimonials from satisfied clients (Yelp!), etc.

Online Marketing Strategy

It is important – before we start building your online presence, to ask some critical “strategy questions”:

  • What you are trying to do online ?
  • What is the ‘niche’ you’re selling in ?
  • Who are your competitors ?
  • Do you have a  “brand”?
  • What is your marketing budget?
  • What assets, content, domains do you already have?