You have a business, and you have a website. Now:

How do you get found online?

If customers know your name, they can type it into Google, and find you. But this is the minimal requirement. If your website is setup correctly, this should happen regardless of any other effort.

The real goal is to get found by:

  • People who need your services

  • But don’t know your name!

This is the art of SEO – “search engine optimization”.

SEO has changed much over the years. But the principles actually remain the same.

The goal is to demonstrate, in the ‘mind’ of the search engines, that your website is a credible, authentic, and trustworthy reflection of your actual business. That you actually do what your website SAYS you do!

There is a wide variety of strategies to get found online. Some are expensive. Others – if you’re willing to participate – are basically free. The success of any of them depends on a number of factors: who your clients are, how they describe your services, how much time and effort you put into it, etc.

We work in concert with April Neill Public Relations to identify your potential customers, reach out to them, and persuade them to use your services.

Tell us what it is you do . . . and we’ll give you an overview of your best strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Long term one of the most lucrative ways to bring in business is through high ranking organic search engine placement. Not only will you get loads of “ready to buy” traffic from people searching online, but your business gets an extra level of credibility and trust from the customer’s perception of your expertise.

For this we use tools to determine what words people are actually using to search online for your kinds of service. Then we configure your website content to match those requests. We use analytic tools to track our progress.

 Social Media Marketing

We use Social Media Marketing in two ways:

  1. To direct traffic to your website to create New Customers
  2. To maintain contact with Existing Customers to keep them coming back.

 Video Marketing

Did you know that customers who’ve watched a product video are 85% more likely to purchase? Who couldn’t use 85% more business? Just by putting a video on your landing page you could generate 4 to 7 times more action and reaction rates.

We help you setup a YouTube channel, or Vimeo and discuss the various options for getting you video online.

 Conversion Optimization

It’s not enough anymore to direct online traffic just to your ‘Home” page. The rules of the internet now require that when you advertise a specific service online – you must provide a specific page describing that service. These are called “landing pages”

We build you optimized landing pages that answer your visitors’ requests – and convert them into customers.

 Automated Marketing

Automatic Email Marketing can often maximizes leads-to-sales conversion. it’s possible to convert more customers with this process than any other, if it’s done intelligently.

   Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most instant and directly measurable advertising medium available. It is the only guaranteed way to be #1 in a search engine. It is an ideal launch pad into other campaigns due to the detailed insight you can gather about what people look for when they are ready to buy.