Keywords . . . Adwords . . . Search Terms . . .

These are all more or less the same thing.

  • These are the actual words that your potential customers type into a search engine like Google, when they are looking for your services.
  • They are the words that you are competing for, with other businesses like yourself.
  • In a Google Adwords campaign, you actually bid money for these words, against your competitors, in order to show higher on a search.

The point is this:

Put a lot of thought into what your keywords are!

Don’t think about your business the way you’ve always thought about it.

Put yourself in the mind of your customers. Describe your service the way they would describe it – from the outside –¬†without knowing your industry in depth, like you do.

This is not technical. It’s old-fashioned marketing. There’s no ‘right’ answer, but I can help you decide what the best keywords for your business might be. We try them. The ones that work, we push. The ones that don’t, we discard.

Call today and we can give you some ideas.