Cretaceous Earth

145 TO 65 Million Years Ago

The Long Age of Dinosaurs - Part 2
Huge Reptiles Rule the Land, Sea and Air

It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. - Daniel 7:7



  Vast herds of
Triceratops (left)   & other "horned-faced"   dinosaurs wandered over the   plains of Laurasia in the late   Cretaceous

         (Image: Dinosaurs)

The Tyrant Lizard of the Cretaceous:
Tyrannosaurus (front) hunts "Duck-bills" (back left)
(Image: Raul Martin)

Eomaia, (left), a mouse-sized Cretaceous mammal, was an early ancestor of the placental mammals (all mammals which nourish the fetus internally, like humans).

(Image: M. Klingler/CMNH)




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