Jurassic Earth

200 TO 145 Million Years Ago

The Age of Dinosaurs - Part 1
Reptiles grow Huge and Dominate the Land, Sea and Air
Oh God . . . You have shaken the land and torn it open; mend its fractures, for it is quaking. - Psalms 60:2


  • Pangea supercontinent begins to split with significant mountain-building and volcanism; seas fill rift zones
  • Panthalassa and Tethys oceans begin shrinking
  • Climate warm and humid with vast tropical forests


  • Dinosaurs dominate the land
  • Sauropods (right) flourish and grow to enormous size -
    the largest land animals in earth history
  • Large Theropod carnivores (right) proliferate
  • Pterosaurs fill the skies (below right)
  • First birds (below right) arise from small dinosaurs
  • Marine reptiles (ichthyosaurs & plesiosaurs) flourish
  • Gymnosperm trees (conifers, ginkos; cycads) form
    global forests with vast 'prairies' of ferns

Jurassic Combat in the Great Age of Dinosaurs:
Theropod Allosaurus attacks Sauropod Diplodocus
(Image:John Sibbick, Nova Online)

Ichtyosaurus (upper   left) and Plesiosaur   were among the   many reptiles that   proliferated in   the Jurassic seas.

    (Image: Fossilien)


Reptiles morphed into flying forms that filled Jurassic skies:
(far right) a relative of the dinosaurs,
and the primitive bird
(near right), descended from dinosaurs.

      (Image: Dinosauria von A bis Z)



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