PaleoProterozoic Earth

THE PROTEROZOIC EON (PaleoProterozoic Era)
2.5 to 1.6 Billion Years Ago

The Long Age of Planetary Maturation
The Earth 'comes of age' - the oxygen atmosphere forms.
Then God said, ". . . I give every green plant for food." - Genesis 1:29-30

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  • Continents stabilize; begin to consolidate
  • Oxygen atmosphere forms
  • Metals 'rust' out of the oceans; oceans turn blue.
  • 'Banded Iron' rock formations created as free oxygen
    oxidizes the metal on the surface and in oceans.
  • All land is barren, lifeless desert


Cyanobacterial stromatollites in the Early Proterozoic
(Source: K.M. Towe, NASA)

  Green cyanobacteria
  took almost a blllion   years to create our   oxygen atmosphere.

  (Source: M. Clayton,
 Univ. WI, Madison)



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