Kingdom Stramenopiles

The Hypochytriales are a small group of poorly-studied algae related to the Oomycetes (Water Molds).

They form filamentous bodies and live in soil, fresh or marine water, or as parasites in other algae.

The Hypochytriales reproduce by spores, which move by using a single flagella, lined with the forked brstles characterisitc of the Stramenopiles. The reproductive process is otherwise unknown.

The Hypochytriales vegetative body (thallus) is made up of thread-like filaments (mycelia). The group has maybe 18 species, divided into three groups based on the structure of the thallus: the Anisolpidiaceae, the Hyphochytridiomycetaceae and the Rhizidiomycetaceae.

The Hypochytriales, unlike many Stramenopiles, lack photosynthesizing chloroplasts and pigments, and are thus referred to as 'colorless'.

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